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Clarks Donuts Grand Opening in 1937!

Old shop building in Oil City PA Our story begins in Oil City, PA with Mr. and Mrs. Clark as the founders of our fresh, handmade donuts. When this generational business started, the Clarks did not have enough hours in the day to make anymore than a handful of different types of donuts. Mixing all the dough by hand was time-consuming and exhausting. The hard work and leap of faith turned Clarks Donuts into a town favorite.

Between the year 1937 to current times, Clarks Donuts has lived through a lot. World War II, Pearl Harbor, the first-time landing on the moon, the birth of the internet, 9/11, and the Covid Pandemic just to name a few! Whether in the worst of times or the best, Clarks Donuts has maintained its original flavors that came from the very beginning.

Through the years the simple donut began to complicate itself. Flashy toppings and perfect shapes seem to be what matters in a donut. Not here. We believe what is on the inside is more important than how it looks on the outside. Handmade pastries go against the grain of what is to be expected in today’s donut. We take pride in our wrinkly, cracked, and misshapen pastries because that is what proves the integrity of our real ingredient delicacies. Today, our deliveries have expanded to five different routes that lead to Titusville, Clarion, Sharon, Meadville, and Erie areas.



Mr. Lindquist Known for: Maintaining the integrity of Clarks Donuts


Don and Louise Rogers Known for: Running the business during World War II Bought the first electric mixer Started a delivery route in Franklin and Oil City Moved the business from Elm St. to Seneca St. to East First St.


Donald Neidich Known for: Hired as a night shift donut maker with Don Rogers in 1957 Added muffins, cookies and French crullers to the menu


Terry and Kelly Neidich Known for: Opened a second branch called Clarks Donuts Plus Relocating Clarks Donuts to a larger building in Seneca


Evan and Shannon Martin